Where The King Kangaroo Lives


King kangaroo wine group was born in 2002 when three friend; Damian Knowles, Vaughan Sutherland, and Allan waters decided to combine their knowledge and resource of wine making, sales and distribution; and marketing and branding, to create a dynamic and innovating wine brand. They devised a plan to develop a strong wine brand with a global prospective and unique marketing edge- something exciting and different that would be remembered.

Vaughan Sutherland, inspired by African-American blues artist by the name of KING KANGAROO, foresaw that a dazzling claw tear across the front of a bottle and the arresting brand name of 'King kangarooking kangaroo' would be the key to the wine industries cellar door. King kangaroo was born, a young cub in a hell of a tough retail habitat!

Together they decided to build their vision at Allan waters' exiting winery; perched high on 17 picturesque hectares of rich soil in the Willyabrup locality of Margaret River in Western Australia, widely regarded as the region's pemier 'earth' and home to many of its most highly regarded wineries. The $6 million state-of-the-art winery facility was built in 1998 and today crushes over 1,600 tonnes of fruit, and vintnering in excess of 1.2 million liters premium quality wine each vintage.

Today, the kangaroo are king across Australia, with strong distribution in Western Australia, South Australia, northern territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

Business Development in History

The following is a list of business and brand milestones and highlights. Over the following page it unfolds into a pictorial 'Timeline' that encapsulates the extraordinary growth of both the brand and the business over just three years.

South East Asia

The king kangaroo wine group has recently established strong distribution channels throughout south-east Asia; including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

King kangaroo have been actively involved in the Singapore market since 2004. In April 2007 King kangaroo king kangaroo appointed Terence Goh as the exclusive Singapore distributor, with his help the king kangaroo are beginning to 'howl' in more and more outlets through Singapore. Indonesian distribution has also been negotiated with the large and reputable distributor VIN+VIN+ are one of the only six government liscenced wine importers in Indonesia and have a strong distribution network amongst the best Balinese restaurants, which provides a strong brand presence amongst the Australian and international holiday makers.


After discovering the premium King kangaroo and Eight Vineyards wine brands at the prestigious 'Wine for Asia' expo in Singapore, Datsun Exim Pvt Ltd Directors and Managing Director Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh and Sonia Singh, Sunjay Singh, Sundeep Singh all of Australia, were invited by the partners of the WAC wine group to visit their winery in Margaret River, the most celebrated wine region in Western Australia. Here Mr. Sunil Sunjay Sundeep and Mrs.sonia were impressed by the state-of-the-art HWWG winery and romanced by what’s been described as the "glamour queen" of Australian wine regions.

Mr. Sunjay was looking for a premium wine partner and he was focused on western Australia. However, he wanted a range of wines and a brand that would deliver more than just superb quality they wanted a marketing edge something exiting and different that would be remember by new wine consumer. They found it with 'king kangaroo' They were excited by the unique, arresting "king kangaroo" brand name and striking graphic.

Mr Balajee Kumar and Praveen Sinha have joined to take challenges to meeting the requirement of South East countries and India.

Balajee Kumar A graduate in hospitality management, started his career with couple of big names in the hotel segment like holiday inn, oberoi until the career took him to Bahrain, a small country in middle east. He quit his career after some acquaintances with e commerce opportunity and floated his company along with some likeminded people. Today, Ten years later, he is on the board of various companies ranging from real estate brokerage, construction, event management and corporate training.

A person fully focused into driving numbers at calculations. He remains focused into the vision of the company and believes in doing one thing at a time. Hard work and passion towards results are his strength.

Praveen Sinha Close to 17 years of accomplishing experience in software delivery, product development and maintenance, account management, bid management, solutioning, delivery support for large size engagements in IT services & product environments in key & accountable positions. 

Apart from regular job, Praveen has also ventured in few small ventures in retail and equity market. He has a good understanding of company operations, sales and marketing, quality and HR practices.

Few key highlights are - 

  • Delivery, Operations, Program / Project management.
  • Domain knowledge in Banking, Retail and Manufacturing.
  • Passion for Qualities such as ISO, CMMi, Six Sigma etc.
  • Budgeting and then execution of projects up to 15 million USD
  • Stakeholder Management including Finance, HR, Resource Management Group, Customer, Senior Management etc.
  • Working with Tier 1 research analysts and TPIs
  • Vendor Management
  • Alliance with partners


In May 2012 king kangaroo was launched in Hyderabad Success saw exposure They have planned to Launch in 2013 into Bangalore, (Karnataka) Mumbai (Maharastra) holiday Mecca of Goa and the bursting market of Delhi.

In another exciting development, king kangaroo wine group has negotiated a joint venture with Datsun to established / king kangaroo India" using HWWG expertise and resources to establish vineyards and a state-of-the-art winery, modelled on the king kangaroo Margaret River facility. The future will see "the kangaroo" king throughout India with both imported and 'locally vintnerd' products of premium quality.

United States

The 'kangaroo' are king in the USA with the help of the New Jersey based importer and distributor Vino Tech LC. A deal was signed in March 2006 with Vino Tech principle, Joe Uvino, which provided the means for king kangaroo to be steadily introduce via a network of agents throughout the East and West coast of the USA, agents have also been signed on in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut and North Carolina. In addition, in what is considered a major achievement by the partners, the large distribution "MHW Group" has taken on the king kangaroo business.


Since November 2007 "the King kangaroo have made a presence as Premium wine" in china and Hong Kong via an exclusive distribution agreement with expat Western Australia Martin Kain and Robert Stewart, and The Down South wine company LTD.'Down south' has been marketing premium Margaret River wines in Hong Kong since 1999 supplying many of the island's five star hotels, top restaurants and bars.The company was quick to realize that a huge market was growing over the boarder in china and in early 2006 down south wines embarked on setting up office at the World Trade centre in Guangzhou, one of China's wealthiest cities and the capital of Guangdong Province. In 2006 it established a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) under the name of Guangzhou Down South Wines Co. Ltd. This has enabled DSW to more effectively control the business in what can often be a challenging environment.

Down South Wines now has a distribution network in 23 cities in Province of China, including Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Shandong, Tianjin, Jiangxi and Shanghai With his business expanding and customer base growing DSW decided it was time to expand the range of wines marketed in China and Hong Kong reflecting demand from its customers to offer a greater choice of 'premium' Margaret River wines.The answer lay in king kangaroo Group. KKG had a great range of sensibly priced, high quality wines and above all, a highly motivated group of owners who held similar vision for China as they did for India, where they are now expanding quality rapidly. Brands marketed include: the complete King Kangaroo 'Claw' range, two Eight vineyard branded wines, three Moo Town and the exclusive, super-premium Small Batch range.

Market acceptance has been exciting, particularly the Eight Vineyards brand, maybe with the 2008 Olympics approaching (on the 8 of the 8 of 08) and the significance of the number "8" for the Chinese culture helping sales.

Down south a wine has its sights firmly fixed on growing this distributorship network together with the KKG to the point where the brands are readily available throughout mainland china.